ASB Communications is a full-service multicultural and global marketing and communications agency offering integrated marketing solutions for brands seeking to build relationships, and drive incremental business growth, within diverse multicultural segments.

During the last two decades, our client focus has been on a wide range of the fastest growing segments in North America, including those within the Chinese, South Asian (Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan, and Nepalese), Filipino, Vietnamese, Korean, Middle Eastern, Eastern European, and African immigrant communities. Through our seamless strategic partnerships, we also offer 360-degree multicultural capabilities that include the planning and development for programs reaching the burgeoning Hispanic and African American markets.

With brand experience in the USA, Canada, the UK, and Asia, ASB is a ‘one-stop shop’ for both your domestic and international cross-cultural needs.

Building and Maintaining Trust in a Community

Ethnic Consultants & Community Leaders
Participated & Attended Ethnic Events Per Year

We Pride Ourselves On Ethnic Market Intellect,
Intuition & Modern Day Campaigns.

With over two decades of experience, we are the most trusted company to connect brands to their target ethnic market.

We know the community

We know the ethnic community because we are a part of it. Even if a client is not participating in a particular event, our team is dedicated to support the ethnic community by helping to fundraise for philanthropic events as well as build deeper relationships with community leaders!

We are creative

Our in-house creative team has created advertisements for virtually every industry, including print, television, digital and mobile! Furthermore, we enjoy creating unique experiences for the consumer on behalf of our clients!

We dig deeper than just data

Data is a great way to start, but unfortunately it doesn’t paint the entire picture. We dig deeper! Since we have ethnic consultants all over North America and Asia, we are able to successfully target consumers in specific areas for our clients!

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